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ReImagining Liberty

A show about the emancipatory and cosmopolitan case for radical social, political, and economic freedom. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell. A project of The UnPopulist.

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June 14, 2022

Militarization, Social Capital, and How Politics Goes Wrong (w/ Nathan Goodman)

Today’s episode begins with a discussion of how border militarization and foreign intervention create a feedback loop of increasing violence and restrictions on freedom....



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June 10, 2022

(Re)Assessing Nozick's "Anarchy, State, and Utopia" (w/ Matt McManus and Julian Sanchez)

Today we’re looking at Robert Nozick’s classic work of libertarian philosophy, Anarchy, State, and Utopia. Released in 1974, it’s the book that put libertarianism...



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June 01, 2022

The Rise of the Postmodern Right (w/ Matthew McManus)

Postmodernism, like Marxism and Critical Race Theory, has become a catch-all term for whatever upsets the right in the culture war. But what if,...



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May 18, 2022

The History and Evolution of the American Right (w/ Paul Matzko)

Does American conservatism still provide a home for liberty-minded ideas? Looking at the state of the modern, post-Trump Republican Party, as well as the...



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May 04, 2022

How Libertarianism Went Off the Rails (w/ John Hudak and Andy Craig)

For years, I’ve proudly called myself a libertarian, because “libertarianism” best describes my commitment to robust freedom, as well as my understanding of the...



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April 20, 2022

An Introduction to Marxism for Non-Marxists (w/ Ian Bennett)

I've long argued that it's important for everyone engaged in political debate to understand the ideas, theories, and philosophies they're arguing with. That understanding...