June 29, 2022


Trans Rights are Human Rights (w/ Kelly Wright)

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Aaron Ross Powell
Trans Rights are Human Rights (w/ Kelly Wright)
ReImagining Liberty
Trans Rights are Human Rights (w/ Kelly Wright)

Jun 29 2022 | 00:54:02


Show Notes

Today's episode is about transgender rights, and the growing cultural backlash among conservatives against the very idea of transgender identities.

My guest is Kelly Wright (@anarchakelly), a Brooklyn-based writer and activist and an affiliate of the Center for a Stateless Society.

We explore the myths and objections that conservatives have about transgender people, gender affirming healthcare, and the greater prevalence of transgender identification. We look at how treating transgender people with respect and acceptance, and giving them the healthcare they need, improves lives and lowers suicide rates. We dig into the nature of gender identity, and what it means for self-expression.

And we tie it all in to the cause of liberty, which means nothing if it doesn't support and embrace the right of everything to live lives, and express identities, of their own authoring.

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