October 19, 2022


Critical Race Theory (w/ Sam Hoadley-Brill)

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Aaron Ross Powell
Critical Race Theory (w/ Sam Hoadley-Brill)
ReImagining Liberty
Critical Race Theory (w/ Sam Hoadley-Brill)

Oct 19 2022 | 01:03:53


Show Notes

Few terms in our contemporary political scene provoke stronger reactions than “critical race theory.” If you listen to much of the right, CRT is a Marxist plot to literally destroy America by teaching children to hate the country, its founding principles, and even themselves. The resulting moral panic has led to anti-CRT legislation, and acted as a precursor to the growing anti-trans and anti-gay backlash among reactionary conservatives.

But what is critical race theory? Because few of those people with strong opinions seem to have much of an idea.

Today I’m talking with Sam Hoadley-Brill (@deonteleologist), a PhD student in philosophy and a fellow at the African American Policy Forum. Sam has written extensively about critical race theory, the movement against it on the right, and the way concerns are being manipulated by dishonest activists like Christopher Rufo to roll back the achievements of social liberalism.

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